Sunday, 26 June 2011

Interesting* Stuff** #1

A few people have given me some grief about my posting links on facebook and how it's overwhelming their newsfeeds. Apologies for that.
But quite a lot of people appear to like the links so I figured what I'd do is stick them in a blog post and then it's just the one update (or two if I subsequently find some other stuff).

I do like these fun theory things

Why you should be able to see your source code Mr Jobs

If it looks like a Greek default, pays like a greek default...

Seems the TSA just can't see when to quit

This is just obscenely fun (Millard Viper)

Sink hole photos, number three is the best

Quis custodiat ipsos custodians, police monitoring app

The law doesn't matter if you can't afford to pay for it (fair use)

Free schools might not be the salvation or our education system but they might drive improvements, why is that something to be afraid of?

Funny thing credibility, Greenpeace caught out on a porky pie

Interesting analysis of the thought processes behind UK Uncut

Cool, slightly sinister and a very interesting piece of science: audible cloaking device

What do you reckon? Is this better than the facebook spam?

* Might not be interesting

** Might not even be stuff in some cases

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